ORIENT VICTORY is the integrator, investor, developer and operator of high quality resources of great tourism and great health whole industry. It covers  cultural tourism, city update, financial asset. It owns a company that is listed on the main board of Hong Kong. It is an important shareholder of the president status of China Comfortable Travel Group. And it is the major contributor of the investment fund of China Cultural Tourism Industry. It has the first level real estate development qualification of the nation. The invested projects mainly locate in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. For continuously three years, it has ranked top 100 of China’s real estate enterprises.

Since its founding, Orient Victory regards the nation’s large policies as its direction for development, regards meeting people’s need for beautiful lives as its responsibility and regards promoting economic development and social harmony as its goal. It aims for the highest, strives to become better, and overcomes all obstacles and difficulties, realizing the innovative, healthy and leap-type development of the industry.

Becoming the practitioner of the beautiful Chinese dream is the core value of Orient Victory Group, and is the essential development concept of workers of Orient Victory. For a long term, Mr. Shi Baodong, president of Orient Victory Group, has been leading his elite teams and employees in the practice of beautiful Chinese dream. He has been combining enterprise development with the future and destiny of the Party and the nation, the pursuit of happiness of people and the benefits of the group employees, using love, wisdom and sweat to practice the beautiful Chinese dream step by step. 


City update

High quality education, be livable and provide for the aged, green ecology, healthy living

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Cultural tourism

Multi-element resources, innovation and integration, economic sharing

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Financial capital

Highly efficient, honest, stable, innovative

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Feature towns

Science and technology, sports, camp, ecology, research, study, health nourishment

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